General Information
AIDIMA is the Industrial Association in Wood, Furniture and Packaging Research and Development. AIDIMA has actually 667 associated enterprises in Spain, from which over 90% are SMEs. The principal aim of AIDIMA is to transfer innovation to the Spanish wood, furniture and packaging sector due to increase production and product quality. AIDIMA was created 1984 with the initial support of the Spanish Ministery of Industry, the European Union and the Valencian Government as well as with the initiative of the private enterprise organisations in the wood, furniture and packaging sector. AIDIMA has its headquarters in the Technology Park of Valencia with an area of approximately 8.000 m². Actually AIDIMA has a staff of 97 people, 66 researchers and 31 administrative and technical personnel. The multidisciplinary staff is specialised in the wood industry, furniture industry, packaging and woodworking machinery industries.

Structure and technologies
AIDIMA has several laboratories and research facilities grouped in the following areas:
• Wood technology, raw materials and components
• Finished furniture and joinery
• Furniture and woodworking production processes, logistics and industrial quality
• Packaging and transport
• Environment and sustainability
• Information technologies
• Market analysis and strategy
• Advanced training

AIDIMA has a wide experience in European activities related to wood, furniture and packaging, including co-ordination and participation in European RTD projects in several specific programmes of FP3, FP4, FP5 and FP6 as well as in European programmes for education, training and mobility, technology transfer, co-operation with third countries etc. Since 2000, AIDIMA has been awarded as a MARIE CURIE Research Centre of Excellence by the EU Commission. At institutional level, AIDIMA co-operates closely with other highly specialised European institutions. So, e.g. AIDIMA holds actually the Vice-Presidency of INNOVAWOOD (The European Association of Forest, Wood and Furniture Research and Training) and has been elected as Divisional Co-ordinator for Knowledge Transfer, Quality and Standardization in the INNOVAWOOD Strategy Steering Group. AIDIMA is also the Spanish member of IAPRI (International Association of Packaging Research Institutions).

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