Consorzio Del Mobile-COSMOB SpA

General Information
The Furniture Consortium was established in 1984 with the aim of supplying support for the sector of furniture manufacturing, which is a leading industrial force in the Marche region. It covers the activities of both furniture manufacturers and of producers of wood-working machinery, which are both very present in the district. It should be noted that wood-working manufacturers in the district have a world leadership in the market.
Founder members of COSMOB are the Marche Region, Provincial and Municipal Authorities of Pesaro, together with the Chamber of Commerce and 190 companies manufacturing components and finished products.

Structure and technologies
COSMOB has laboratory facilities where standard tests on finished furniture and furniture components are currently made. This laboratory will be used within the project to verify the quality of wood-sanded panels which will be machined by the automatic wood-sanding machine under development. COSMOB will also bring into the consortium the experience of end-users of wood-working machinery, by having a deep knowledge of the technical problems of this industrial sector. COSMOB will also contribute to dissemination of results and to technology transfer, having experience in supporting SMEs for the purpose.
COSMOB has a budget of about 1.5 MEURO and a staff of 13 people.

The main activities are referred to:
- Support companies in developing internal technical and managerial competencies
- Technological development of member companies
- Foster member companies internationalisation processes
- Diffusion of technological and organisational innovation
- Support the introduction of quality processes
- Gather and distribute information on markets and competitors, production processes, commercial agreements, etc.
- Support the introduction and development of automated processes in production and design.

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