General Information
Softel s.a.s was founded in 1990 starting from the synergies of ICT experts. It is a SME located in the city of Terni (100 Km NE from Rome) in the Centre of Italy.
The last 3 years mean turnover has been 500.000 €. The company staff is composed by
specialized technician on assistance, maintenance and system administration, developers of Internet services and external experts in ICT

Structure and technologies
Softel has a 150 m² structure, located in Via Borsi 14, in the central area of Terni.
The working areas are organized in:
1 technical laboratory
1 front desk office
1 computer room
2 offices for applications development and customers management

The main activities are referred to:
• network systems supply
• custom software development,
• advanced Internet Services (E-Business),
• specific ICT training
• R&D project

Web site:

Contact person: Eng. Luigi Trollini e-mail: